We need emergency Chex Mix, stat!

I’ve been spending the past few days working on Christmas presents. I’m in the homestretch now – I have 1 sock (well, less than one sock, really, since I started it last night) and 1 hat left to knit, which is doable. And I’m going to try to get a few more scarves woven, but since weaving can make my back hurt if I overdo it, I’m not going to freak out if I don’t get them all done. So, I’m in pretty good shape. I still have my little fabric Christmas bags I need to sew, too, but I’ll probably start working on those in the later part of next week. Here’s a scarf for Travis’ grandmother I finished up weaving yesterday:


It turned out kind of long, like 84″, but hopefully that’s okay.

We got some freezing rain the other morning.


Apparently this is just a preview of coming attractions, since we’re supposed to get Major! Sloppy! Blizzard! of DOOOOM!! today. We’re right on the line we’re we’re supposed to get not only substantial snowfall, but some more sleet and ice as well. It’s supposed to start late morning here as snow, change to sleet in the afternoon and early evening, and then change back to snow and blizzard all day on Sunday. So that’s exciting. Travis went to work yesterday evening, and if the weather is as bad as they claim it’s going to be, I probably won’t see him for a few days. When he goes to work he’s normally gone for about 36 hours anyway, but the way it’s looking like right now, he’ll be getting off work when the weather is supposed to be at its worst, so he may wind up just staying in Columbus instead of trying to drive home in a blizzard. When we were living in Indiana, he was at work when a huge storm hit, and he wound up being on duty for something crazy like 54 hours! Holy overtime, Batman!

We did a little bit of storm prep yesterday. We went out and got kerosene for our kerosene heater in case our power poops out on us. Later on in the day I had a mini freak-out and we wound up going to Kroger’s for emergency storm rations. Specifically, we bought supplies to make Chex Mix. Because if we’re going to go through Major! Sloppy! Blizzard! of DOOOOM!!, what better food is there to snack on?

What was weird is that Kroger’s was sold out of Rice Chex, of all things. Maybe everyone else had the same thought that I did? So I wound up doubling up on the Corn Chex. It’s all good.


Toby really, really wanted some Chex.


We’ve gotten some fun mail the past few days. We got some fun Christmas ornaments from my Aunt Dor that I need to take pictures of, and we also received a package of beer and fiber related goodies from Yarn Love Katie. Travis blogged about the beer (he hasn’t tried any of it yet, but I’m betting after he finally gets home, he will :), but here are pics of the lovely merino/tencel she dyed for us. Here’s Travis’:

Wild grapes

And here’s mine:

Strawberry crush

I’m trying to be good and finish up my Christmas stuff, but I keep sneaking over to the fiber stash and fondling the braid.

I also got the Hanukkah Joy handspun shipped off to Sarah Lou. I’m really pleased with the way this skein came out, although the pictures aren’t really accurate in terms of the color and bling-age. It’s a lot more blingy in real life.

Hanukkah Joy Close Up

What I noticed when I was knitting the Peach Fizz socks is that I wound up liking the way the yarn looked in sock form better than it looked in skein form. So I can’t wait to see what Hanukkah Joy looks like knit up. Have fun, Sarah Lou!

Finally, here’s the best picture I could get of the Red Planet Blue scarf knit from handspun spun from Dianne‘s Creatively Dyed roving. (And hey, I see on her blog she now has gift certificates available! Just a thought for anyone looking for a last minute yarny/fibery Christmas gift!)

Red Planet Blue scarf

This scarf is really sproingy and bouncy. I may wind up wearing it today when I’m shoveling snow!

Well, wish me luck for this weekend! I hope the power stays on, but if not, I think we’ll be okay. I’ll just have to break out the knitting raft again. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “We need emergency Chex Mix, stat!”

  1. Aw, man! I just emptied my Kroger’s Chex aisle, too, for the exact same reason! Hope the winter is more wonderland than anything else, and that the knitting raft can indeed stay afloat. I want to squeeeeeeeeeeze that garter scarf!


  2. Love all that fibery yumminess…. & good luck re: the storm. I guess it’s headed this way next (like we need any MORE snow). Here’s the real question–can you spin up something in those Chex mix colors?


  3. Everything in this post is so gorgeous! I love the woven scarf and the sproingy scarf! May your feet be toasty, your Chex Mix plentiful and the Blizzard of Doom be just a flurry! Stay safe and warm Jacki!


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