My edible Christmas

As I’ve said on here before, my family is all about the food. Besides our traditional Christmas Eve roast beef sandwiches and Zapp’s fest, we added a couple of new food related events to the agenda. The first was Waffle Night, hosted by Brian, Nikki, and Tyler. There were waffles with from-scratch fruit toppings:


And there was the bacon buffet, featuring three different types of bacon:

Bacon buffet

Dad brought over his items for Luxury Food Night, since we were already going to be having a ton of food on Christmas Eve:


These were some kind of odd, nougat-y Italian candies.

On Christmas Eve, we went over to my Grandpa’s house and had chili, some of Brian’s cheese ball, cookies, dip, and nut roll. After that we went back to my parents’ house for our roast beef sandwiches and the rest of our Luxury Food Night. Brian brought over cheese curds (mmm, squeaky!), and Travis had his small wheel of sheep’s milk Basque cheese to share:


Everyone liked the cheese, even Tyler, who said it was the second best cheese he had ever tasted.

I wound up getting some of the peppermint marshmallows from Whole Foods as my luxury item. Tyler liked those. A lot.

Tyler loves marshmallows

My mom went all out and had ordered ice cream from Jeni’s in Columbus. Jeni’s is a small gourmet ice cream shop in North Market in downtown Columbus, and my mom and I had tried some of the Poached Pear Riesling Sorbet from there in September. It was the best frozen treat either of us had ever tasted in our lives. Anyway, I was completely overwhelmed that she had thought to pick that as her luxury food. We had five flavors to sample – the Pear Riesling, Belgian Milk Chocolate (pictured below)…


…Forest Berry Sorbet, Dark Chocolate Cocoa Zinfandel, and Spiced Pecan Praline. I thought the Pear Riesling and the Forest Berry went especially well together.


And the Belgian Milk Chocolate was quite good smeared on a peppermint marshmallow.


Other food related goodness – Brian and Nikki got my parents and me and Travis big food gift baskets for Christmas. We love food baskets! And so do my parents.


Tyler really likes foreign cookies, so Travis and I loaded up Tyler’s presents with a bunch of cookies we found at World Market. In addition to the cookies, we also got him a small, personal sized chorizo sausage. Tyler loves chorizo!

Christmas chorizo!

So, we had a lot of good food for Christmas. Seriously, I weighed myself before and after food on Christmas Eve and there was a difference of four pounds. Mmm, four pounds of really good food… Hope everyone else had a happy holiday filled with good eats!


7 thoughts on “My edible Christmas”

  1. Shows you how pedestrian my tastes are, I didn’t even know there were three kinds of bacon 🙂

    looks like you had a blast jacki!

    I’m envious of tyler’s precociously sophisticated palate!


  2. Looks fantastic! Between your waffles and Terry’s french toast, I think we’re having breakfast for dinner here at Chéz Spastic Shepherd!
    I’ve had that pear Riesling sorbet, and it’s my favorite!
    Happy New Year!


  3. Thanks for the well-wishes! I’m hoping to be up and running by the end of the month, and Kim has said she’d carry my products. I’m really looking forward to this adventure! Oh- Andrew’s definitely getting hop-dyed socks! They’d be greeny brownish-yellow to dark brown, depending on the mordant or overdye. Happy New Year!


  4. Mmmmmm….bacon buffet!
    If you go to YouTube and search for Jim Gaffigan and Bacon – you’ll get a great laugh. He’s hysterical! (I’d link it here – but don’t know if your comments kick out links!)


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