Here’s how much I love my cat. Also, Iowa afterglow!

Yesterday Travis and I were in the drive through line at Wendy’s, and when Travis pulled up to the order thing, we realized that our windows were frozen shut and we couldn’t roll them down. So we went across the street and wound up getting this:


Yep, we now have a Tim Horton’s.

This morning I got done weaving the piece of fabric I’m going to make Ellie’s bed out of. I used up a bunch of small skeins of handspun that Travis and I have accumulated, so it was pretty nice to be able to stashbust. I only got to take one photo before she was all over it. And let me tell you, I wouldn’t waste my time weaving something like this for someone who doesn’t appreciate it. Just look at her – she loves handspun!

Seal of approval

I folded it up and set it by the window in the craft room so she can use it until I actually get to the part where I need to sew it.

Ellie loves her fabric

Kitty paws in love

The next time Travis is around to help me warp, I’m going to get another warp on the loom to start working on the other piece of fabric I’ll need for Ellie’s kitty bed. I’ve got to do some math though, first, which is going to be a hoot. I heart math!!! (not really)

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before Christmas or not, but one of the things I gave my mom is a ton of fabric that I had accumulated. I went through my quilt fabric stash, which is mighty, and pulled out a bunch of fabric that I didn’t really see myself using anytime soon. My mom is going to start quilting again this year, so she’ll probably use at least a little bit of it.

I gave my mom 4 Whole Food’s bags worth of fabric (many, many pounds! Fabric is heavy!), and I still have a ton left here. The nice thing about doing this is that now I have a pretty good idea of what I have, since I haven’t been working with fabric for about 3 or 4 years, really. It turns out that I have some really awesome fabric. Actually, it turns out that I have a lot of really awesome fabric. I need to get to a mental place where I’m not freaking out because I don’t want to use up the really nice fabric I have, so instead I’ll just use crap fabric. There’s no point in having nice stuff if you’re not going to use it.

Some random thoughts on Iowa’s Raucous Caucus:

  • Chuck Norris has a colossal head. I was watching Huckabee’s speech, and Chuck Norris was standing a few feet behind him, and his head was still bigger than Huckabee’s. Chuck Norris defies the laws of perspective! Fear him!
  • John McCain just seemed really pissy in his speech. Um… way to surge, John?
  • Edwards did the first big Democratic speech of the night, and I thought his was the best. I was kind of half paying attention at first, but then he really grabbed my attention about a 1/3 of the way through and maintained it throughout the speech. Anyway, good speech, available to watch here, if you’re interested.
  • Clinton’s speech was okay, but there was one line in it that I thought was kind of shitty. She was thanking people for their votes and she said something like, “Democrats, Independents…, Republicans who have seen the light…” and everyone laughed. That just seemed really smug and condescending to me. You know, if someone decides to give you their vote, don’t turn around and use them as a punch line, regardless of who they are. Anyway, the rest of her speech seemed okay, but it certainly didn’t grab me like Edwards’ did.
  • Although I was hoping for a 2 or 3 way tie for first place,I think it’s pretty remarkable that Obama won with the margin that he did. I’m with Howard Dean (YEAARHGH!!) though, in thinking that the biggest story last night was the insane turn-out. Check out this post from the Group News Blog for a quick little stat break down of the turn out. Pretty encouraging.
  • According to MSNBC, Mitt Romny decided to give his speech at the same time as Huckabee. As a result, the network played the entirety of Huckabee’s speech, and then later on, played about 30 seconds of Romeny’s. Smooth move, Willard.
  • I know Giuliani said he wasn’t contesting Iowa, but his finish was an absolute embarrassment. We’ll see how well that “Skip Iowa and New Hampshire and go directly to Florida” strategy works out for you.
  • I’m not a huge Joe Biden supporter, but on a personal level he seems like a decent guy, and I always liked his presence in the debates, so I’m a bit sad to see him drop out so soon. Ditto Chris Dodd, except Dodd was a candidate I was actually considering voting for. Anyway, hopefully he’ll continue to kick butt in the Senate, and if I was Harry Reid, I wouldn’t think my Senate majority leader job was so safe.

I’ll leave you with the groovy mood lighting I have in my craft room. Have a great weekend!

Craft Room Ambience


4 thoughts on “Here’s how much I love my cat. Also, Iowa afterglow!”

  1. love the atmosphere in your craft room! Dobby the kamikaze kitten would be chewing those tiny light bulbs for sure. Wasn’t last night exciting?? It may be totally geeky of me but I love watching our political process at work (even when I hate the results). Happy weekend!


  2. I’m a political junkie, too, and I agree with you about Edwards’ speech. He’s my favorite anyway. A good friend of mine is very active in the NH Democratic party; he’s seen them all, and he said he was most impressed with Edwards. He has my primary vote!

    Love Ellie’s bed. I bet Jenny would love one, too–too bad I don’t weave!


  3. Yeah I was undecided (well somewhat. I knew i was most likely voting Dem but I was open to options) before Iowa and now i’m totally an Obama fan. His speech was great. And Hilary’s was so “I’m going to appeal to this focus group now” – and I just don’t think Edwards has what it takes to win… I could be wrong about that, though.

    Also? Does it freak you out that the guy who won the Republican side doesn’t believe in Evolution? ‘Cause that totally freaks me out – and makes me pretty certain I’m going Dem.

    OH and your catbed is beautiful!


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