I’m going to need more polyfil

I’ve learned that if I want to be productive at all, that I just need to go with whatever fancy is catching my attention at the moment. And currently, the bright shiny object that is captivating me is the Pointy Kitty.

Japanese Lantern Pointy Kitty

I’ve made 6 so far (you can see the others here). They are the equivalent of sewing crack. They use a tiny amount of fabric – less than a 1/4 yard – and can be sewn and assembled relatively quickly. After the success of the Japanese Lantern Kitty, I decided to make some more in assembly line fashion. I cut all the pieces at once, then sewed them all on the machine in a group, etc. I got the next 5 done in maybe about 6 or 7 hours worth of time, and I could have gotten it done more quickly, if I didn’t have to hand-sew the one kitty entirely (blerg). Anyway, I can’t stop making them. It’s a sickness, and I think Travis is afraid to come home from work because of the Great Pointy Kitty Invasion.

I think part of the reason I keep cranking them out so fast is because I am absolutely enamored of my craft room. It went for so long being basically just a storage area in our house (it’s actually supposed to be the master bedroom) that it’s pretty ridiculous to think that all if took was 4 little things to make it a usable and happy place again. After I spent a few hours organizing, Travis got our funky 70s lamp down from the attic and put up, and after that, all I did was hang up the instant happiness LED Christmas lights and bring in a little boombox, and now it’s a place where I can happily spend all day doing things. I feel a lot better now that we’re actually using this big area in our house as a living space again. Of course, Ellie is confused, because she’s used to that being her room. Every once in a while we fight over who gets the ironing board (she likes to hang out on it), but besides that, I think she rather enjoys the company.


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  1. It’s amazing what great space will do for you! I love the pointy kitty, and for some reason I find the name “Pointy Kitty” hilarious!


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